The Surplush journey began as a result of the third national lockdown in January 2021. Guy, a local from the city of Norwich, like many, became a victim of the global pandemic fallout, forced to return to Norfolk after being made redundant from his dream career as an ecotourism diving instructor based in the Caribbean. Now equipped with his passion for the environment, community, local produce and observing the evolving shopping trends, it soon became clear that there was an opportunity to fuse these elements; creating an online co-ordinated marketplace.

Help would be needed… Long time school friend and web developer Jake loved the concept and soon came on board as co-founder. Surplush was born!

The duo worked tirelessly throughout the third lockdown to develop their vision. Engaging with the amazing local, artisan and independent suppliers to provide them with a unique platform to offer their produce, with the overall aim of providing shoppers a genuine bespoke experience to select from an array of delicious, seasonal, fresh local produce from the safety of their home. Complimented with an ingenious eco-friendly inner city delivery service, clients of Surplush would be able to get their produce next day delivered with no minimum order, truly amazing.


One of the most important ways buying locally helps the environment is by reducing your food miles. By shopping locally, you are purchasing primarily goods produced in your local community. When you shop at the grocery store, many of your purchases travel over 1500 miles to reach your plate. By cutting down on these miles, you are reducing the environmental impact of your food. Local produce doesn’t create large carbon footprints through overseas plane travel or long truck trips. This cuts down on fuel consumption and air pollution.


We go one step further by offering our customers an eco-friendly last mile delivery service using our super cool e-cargo bikes. 100% electric. Using this service reduces congestion and carbon emissions even further within the city. The delivery service extends over most of Norwich, click here to check if you’re in our delivery radius.


At Surplush we pride ourselves on being a big part of the community, we’re scrapping the idea of gig economy and you can be sure that our riders are earning at least the national living wage with all the holiday benefits and more, what any employee deserves. This also means you will more than likely have the same friendly face delivering your groceries every time :). We also offer our e-cargo bikes to support any local business within the city with last mile or logistical issues further reducing congestion and carbon emissions within the city.